1 RECENTLY MADE recently made, built, or invented: the city's new hospital | Renault's newest GTI hatchback | the new issue of `Time' magazine | the new fashions | a new way of organizing data
2 RECENTLY BOUGHT recently bought: Do you like my new dress? | That's a nice bag - is it new?
3 NOT THERE BEFORENO having just developed: new buds on the trees | a young woman with new ideas | the new nations of Africa | new hope/confidence/optimism etc (=hope etc that you have only just started to feel): a medical breakthrough that offers new hope to cancer patients
4 NOT USED BEFORE (no comparative) not used or owned by anyone before: New and second hand books for sale. | buy sth new: I got a used video camera for -300 - it would have cost -1000 if I'd bought it new. | brand new (=completely new): When did you buy this sofa? It looks brand new.
5 like new/as good as new in excellent condition: Your watch just needs cleaning and it'll be as good as new. | We polished the car till it looked like new.
6 UNFAMILIAR not recognised or not experienced before: learning a new language | Living in the city was a new experience for Philip. | be new to sb: The fruit had a delicate taste that was completely new to me. | that's a new one on me spoken (=used to say that you have never heard a particular word, name etc before)
7 RECENTLY ARRIVED having recently arrived in a place, joined an organisation, or started a new job: You're new here aren't you? | be new to sth/be new at sth: Don't worry if you make mistakes you're still new to the job | new member/employee/student etc (=people who are not already members): training for new employees | The party is anxious to recruit new members. | new arrival (=someone who has recently arrived in a place): As a new arrival, Maria was obviously going to have problems with the language. | be the new kid on the block AmE informal (=be the newest person in a job, school etc): It's not always easy being the new kid on the block. | be the new boy/girl BrE humorous (=be the newest person in a job, organization etc)
8 new owner/address/job etc the owner etc that has recently replaced the previous one: Have you met Keith's new girlfriend? | I'll let you have my new phone number.
9 RECENTLY DISCOVERED recently discovered: the discovery of a new planet | new oilfields in Alaska | important new evidence that may prove her innocence
10 new life/day/era a period that is just beginning and seems to offer better opportunities: They went to Australia to start a new life there.
11 feel (like) a new man/woman to feel much healthier and have a lot more energy than before
12 new blood new members of a group or organization who will bring new ideas and be full of energy: What we need in this company is some new blood.
13 new broom someone who has just become the leader or manager of an organization and is eager to make changes
14 what's new? spoken especially AmE used as a friendly greeting to mean `how are you?'
15 the new unfamiliar ideas or changes in society: the shock of the new
16 new-made/new-formed etc recently made, formed etc
—see also: a new lease of life lease 1 (2), turn over a new leaf leaf 1 (3) — newness noun (U): Philip was bewildered by the newness of his surroundings.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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